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Selenite Tower

Sacred Motivation

  • $ 8.50

Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word for moon & means moon glow.  These Selenite towers glow with a shimmer and pearl-like luster. Selenite is said to reverse the effects of free radicals" to heal and repair on the cellular level. 

The powerful vibration of Selenite opens the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for meditation and spirituality. Selenite calms and brings deep peace. Selenite is said to bring mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind problems.

This is a protective stone, Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences. It is also used to cleanse and purify other stones that you may have.  To keep clean, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Do not wet as this is a soft mineral. 

4 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width

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